Companies running successful ecommerce sites know that profit flows from aligning their website’s front-end design and user experience with its back-end functionality.   They also know it’s almost impossible to deliver a good customer experience when a website’s usability is hamstrung by a lack of investment on technology.  BlackSquare constantly sees the problems resulting from this front-end to back-end disconnect, and we know it is rampant in wine & spirits ecommerce.


The old way of doing wine industry ecommerce is complex, inflexible, has significant up-front costs and is unprofitable. The process typically went like this:

  1. Winery/retailer decides that ecommerce looks interesting. They want to “sell online”.
  2. Involves designer/design agency that provides “ecommerce” solutions or works with one of a number of generic ecommerce providers.
  3. Winery/retailer signs up for $15,000 – $50,000 of web design work
  4. Designer doesn’t truly understand how ecommerce works, but does know how to add an open source ecommerce cart (UberCart, ZenCart) which happens to be free.
  5. Designer uses software that’s not customized for the wine industry, not ‘open’ and flexible, so “shoe horns” it into the ecommerce website.
  6. Website launches with a fancy design and integrated branding so everyone feels good.  But the winery/retailer soon struggles with atrocious user experience and a lack of administrative functionality.

Total cost: $15,000 – $50,000

What else they got:  added cost for technical upgrades, cost to buy technical support, and a hobbled e-commerce site with a 1-to-3-year lifespan.

Total revenue generated = $0


The new wine ecommerce standard, Blackboxx, is simple, quick, adaptable, pay-as-you-go and very profitable.  Here’s how the process works:

  1. Winery/retailer decides that ecommerce looks interesting. They want to “sell online”.
  2. Scans the market to find innovative product for online selling in the wine & spirits industry – but wants something that really understands their business.  Enter Blackboxx.
  3. Winery/retailer impressed that Blackboxx’s design template (front end) is fully integrated with the most advanced ecommerce program available (back end).
  4. Winery/retailer uses the quick & simple Blackboxx design template to get their wine club ecommerce up and running. In days, they start measurably driving online sales and provide a great user experience.
  5. Winery/retailer spends little time deploying Blackboxx as it was was specifically constructed for use in the wine & spirits industry and currently powers thousands of global users.
  6. Website launches with functional design, integrated branding, excellent user experiences, deep administrative and back-end functionality.

Total cost: $0 up front and $1.49 – $3.49 per transaction

What else they got: Free, continual technical updates & comprehensive technical support.  Seamless product enhancements delivered invisibly to them.  No equipment or IT costs.

Total revenue generated: $150,000/year = 1000 transactions/quarter * $150/package

Today’s technology has revolutionized both buying and using wine ecommerce, and puts amazing business and user experience power in the hands of wineries and retailers.

Blackboxx’s simple, easily-understood pricing means that a winery or retail store can enjoy efficient, well-tested ecommerce with zero money up front, then pay only a small per-usage fee on each successful transaction. No hidden costs, no strings attached, it’s really that simple.

Why take risks with your ecommerce’s success and results?  While you take care of producing wines for your market, BlackSquare becomes a trusted technology partner that understands your needs and simply delivers the performance you need from wine-related ecommerce.