Payments company Stripe just unveiled a new service that should make it significantly easier to build startups that depend on turning people into merchants. This class of startup, in which entrepreneurs create marketplaces rather than selling goods themselves, is white hot. Two examples are Airbnb, which helps regular people rent out their apartments to travelers, and Uber, which helps livery drivers sell rides in their cars.

All this competition in what might seem like an obscure niche–helping others help others accept credit cards–expands the range of startups that entrepreneurs can launch. For example, let’s say you want to create the Shopify of wine. Well it exists: Blacksquare. It’s powered by Stripe Connect, and it allows individual vintners to sell directly to consumers. Or take invoicing software BallPark, which allows freelancers to track their time, measure their wages, and automatically email the bill to their customers. Now, thanks to StripeConnect, clients can pay freelancers who use BallPark simply by clicking on a payment button embedded in the invoice itself.

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