Running a successful wine club does not stop at providing clients with an online wine store operated by an easy to use e-commerce solution. While you are guaranteeing a quality product, the entire experience of your service ends after wine is delivered.


Fulfilling wine orders can be an overwhelming challenge different from any other DTC sales operation. If your club works on a monthly basis, or even quarterly, chances are select staffers are responsible for sending out every client’s order within a day or two. Meanwhile, incorporating orders and shipping details can be time consuming.

Considering alcohol is being transported, it is important to ensure that your carrier service holds policies to deliver only to individuals of legal age. Knowing the parcel is placed in the hands of an adult will also remove the possibility of temperature affecting the wine’s quality, a potential concern if it were left outside. Creating custom packaging that can carry 2, 4 or even 6 bottles of wine is necessary. Boxes not only need to protect wine from natural elements but also from rough movement to avoid breakage. These are just some of the factors to take into account in order to ship wine safely.


*Custom WineCollective packaging.

Depending on your location there are various companies that can accommodate shipping wine domestically and internationally. Some of the best parcel delivery options are UPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, DHL Express and FedEx. Each service maintains similar pricing policies with parcel cost determined by weight as well as length x width x height. It is important to choose a delivery method with great service that is accommodating to you and your clients.


United Parcel Service

–       Online program to schedule pick-ups, print labels and track packages.

–       Online bills and a variety of payment methods for your winery to compensate all shipping fees.

–       “Value Added Services” at extra charge. For example, Saturday delivery for $23 CAD.

–       Adult signature upon delivery for $3.75 CAD. Included in free proof of delivery.

–       Six delivery options.

UPS Services

DHL Express

–       Electronic signature upon delivery free of charge

–       DHL-branded packaging free of charge. Packing for heavier good or liquids available for purchase.

–       Holds package for collection at DHL facility for 7 days free of charge. Afterwards charges apply.

–       Create and manage shipments online with MyDHL account.

–       3 same day services available. 6 time definite options.




–       Ship Manager online: save 2,000 addresses, organize shipping procedures such as pick-up times.

–       Ship Manager software: create custom documents, track shipments and print labels from desktop.

–       Clients can track shipments or delay drop-off free of charge using online Delivery Manager.

–       Package is held at warehouse for seven days if delivery is unsuccessful. 1 location per city.

–       Adult signature upon delivery for $3.00.

–       6 delivery services offered.

FedEx Services


Canada Post

–       Online account for scheduling for pick-up times and tracking parcels.

–       Purchase shipping supplies such as boxes and labels through online store.

–       6,600 locations across Canada. Clients can easily pick up package if delivery was unsuccessful.

–       Can leave package in standard C.P. mailbox.

–       “Safe Drop” option: parcel is left in a concealed location and protected from environmental damage.

–       Adult signature price dependant on package size.

–       Offers three delivery services.



Australia Post

–       eParcel solution for businesses sending over 1,000 packages per year

–       Customer’s can select online when and where they would like their delivery.

–       Online manager for tracking, shipment pick-ups and re-directing parcels.

–       Packages options available as well as custom packing creations.

–       Will hold parcel if customer is away on vacation until they return. $16.30 for first week.

–       Signature on delivery for $2.95 AUD.

–       3 shipping options within Australia.



Using a shipping compatible platform is essential for ensuring easy of delivery. Through “Fulfillment Wizard,” Blackboxx uses a step-by-step process that allows you to view client orders that are paid and ready to be shipped and confirm specific wines in every package. The software also downloads shipping details, including tracking numbers, to create labels and send delivery notification emails.


Blackboxx supports fulfillment with these carrier services in a simple sequence that diminishes fulfillment issues specific to wine e-commerce. While you cannot control customer service of the shipping company, use a carrier with similar standards that is trustworthy in getting your wine to the location where is can be enjoyed.