Whether your wine club is looking to keep existing clients or attract new ones, running promotional campaigns is a proactive way to show gratitude for your customers. Offering online coupons through these promotions and interacting with clients motivates them to head to your ecommerce site and builds loyalty to your brand. Blackboxx offers an easy route to creating coupon codes and for clients utilizing the discount.


Coupon codes are becoming increasingly popular at checkout for ecommerce solutions because of the reward for both the customer and business. Allowing customers to enter a code to save money provides incentive to buy wine while the winery is able to attract sales, eliminate leftover inventory or even highlight a new wine. Compete, a data company that examines online consumer behaviour, says that coupons prompt more spending. Their data show that in 2010, shoppers who used a coupon spent an average of 56.5% more than consumers who didn’t shop with a coupon.


You can publicize promotions and offer coupons through various mediums:

1. Email

Send an email to members who buy frequently letting them know you are grateful for their commitment to the wine club and include a coupon code to use on their next purchase. By personalizing an email or code you are ensuring their overall experience and return in a way that is complimentary to them. For example, send a birthday message with a personal coupon code, “HAPPYBDAY.”

2. Social Media

Networking is a great way to communicate a discount in order to maintain participation. Write a blog post on your website about an upcoming promotion and further link to it through Facebook or Twitter. Clients will stay connected, even if just to check your page for exclusive coupons. Extend special promotions for holidays like Father’s Day or Christmas. While everyone is searching for unique gifts your $5 “MERRYXMAS” coupon may prompt a client to choose your product.


3. Competitions

Without involving too much complication, competitions have the ability to peak the interest of both new and old clients. You can promote these competitions on your social media sites or through email, allowing clients to engage for a monetary prize. For example, introduce a photo contest where the winner will receive a coupon for their personal use.

4. Coupon Websites

Today, entire websites such as retailmenot.com are dedicated to listing coupon codes in order to send consumers to retailers offering the products they want. A consumer searching the website may spot a coupon you created for your ecommerce store. Other clients who have made it to the check out may see that coupon codes are available and search websites for a discount, giving them extra incentive to complete the sale and return.


Promotions do not need to be geared towards generating more profit. Often, the interaction between clients and your winery will leave them feeling appreciated and wanting to return.

Using coupon codes to sell your wine and attract clients is a straightforward process using Blackboxx. With ecommerce sales for wine on the rise, presenting your customers with a small discount can be enough inspiration to close the sale and establish a means to return again.