BlackSquare’s CEO, Matthew Protti, presented at the ‘5th Annual Seminar on Wine and Liquor Law in B.C.: New regulations, licensing structures and opportunities’ on February 24, 2014. Matthew spoke specifically from BlackSquare’s experience in a number of different regulatory environments and the opportunities for producer and retailer direct to consumer wine ecommerce. By drawing on BlackSquare’s global experience and reach, Matthew provided relevant colour and detail on global wine direct to consumer regulatory regimes.

Matthew recommended that Canada create a single-tax regulatory regime for direct to consumer shipments nationally. This small per-bottle levy would simultaneously allow provinces to ensure tax collection at source for all direct to consumer shipments and would dissipate some of the fog around Canadian regulation of direct to consumer wine shipments.

Matthew also spoke directly to the BC government’s 2013 Liquor Policy Review. He suggested that in recommendations 24 and 25, the government should institute a tax rebate or credit for wineries, craft breweries and distilleries who invest in technology to maximize their ability to ship direct to consumer. This addressed one of the stated goals of the Liquor Policy Review, that of increasing tourism and direct to consumer wine shipments, items directly tied to increasing tax revenue for B.C. government coffers.

Download Matthew’s presentation (PDF)