It isn’t often that a company can revolutionize an industry, but a couple of Calgary wine-lovers have managed to do it by creating technology that caters to an underserved market whose main feature is passion for a product.

Blacksquare founders Mathew Protti and David Gluzman developed Blackboxx, an online ecommerce platform that, since 2011, has been enabling winemakers to transcend boundaries and government protectionism by selling their products on the Internet. In the process, they have helped create new markets and a surge in sales for small estate wineries in Canada and around the world.

Please note the article contains errors:
• Blackboxx helps winemakers create wine clubs not sell to wine clubs.
• WineCollective was Founded by David Gluzman.
• Blackboxx was Founded by David Gluzman and Matthew Protti.
• CTO Douglas Robertson was hired to develop Blackboxx, not David Gluzman.

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