Capturing Market Position with Larger Wineries in Australia, Asia, Canada

BlackSquare announces an important wave of top-tier, enterprise-level winery clients adopting its Blackboxx direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine ecommerce platform.

New international enterprise clients include such industry leaders as Australia’s Brown Brothers, in Canada the Okanagan Valley’s Hester Creek Estate Winery as well as Ontario’s Vineland Estates Winery, and Singapore’s Wine Export Initiative.

“We’ve already proven our business value by powering ecommerce for small and medium-sized producers. This wave of top-class enterprise producers now validates Blackboxx’s value to our largest market segment, global wineries,” said BlackSquare CEO, Matthew Protti.

“It’s impressive that in 2014’s first quarter, we added new Blackboxx enterprise clients that produce over 3 million cases of wine annually,” Protti added.

These new Blackboxx clients follow Australia’s McWilliam’s Wine Group, who in 2013 became the first global winery to adopt enterprise-level cloud ecommerce across their many wine brands. Their Blackboxx-powered ecommerce site, one of the first fully-responsive tablet, desktop and mobile websites in the global wine industry, won Wine Communicators of Australia’s 2013 ‘Best Wine Website or App award’.

The flexibility of the Blackboxx cloud-based platform, and BlackSquare’s growing reputation for ‘best practices’ leadership in DTC ecommerce, are highlighted by the range of newly-involved wineries:

Brown Brothers is ranked among Australia’s top twenty largest wineries, and is one of the country’s “First Families of Wine”. They are widely recognized for leadership in DTC ecommerce wine sales and best practices.

EBusiness Program Leader Andrew Ross explained the decision to adopt the platform, stating, “Blackboxx has the enterprise-level quality we needed to power up innovation in our marketing and ecommerce within Australia. BlackSquare can tackle everything we needed, end to end, allowing us to focus on top marketing practices.”

Ross added, “Blackboxx is tailored to the wine industry, offering unique ecommerce capabilities and flexibility, now and for the future.”

BlackSquare President David Gluzman said, “We’re proud to be Brown Brothers’ ecommerce platform of choice. They are among the most innovative wineries and really grasp the power of ecommerce to build their business.”

Vineland Estates Winery is a popular destination winery in Niagara and has built one of Ontario’s largest, most successful wine clubs.

According to David Hulley, Vineland’s director of customer experience, Blackboxx stood out among several other options: “We shopped long and hard before choosing the Blackboxx platform. It was the clear choice for Vineland because it adapts to our business needs. Every other system we’ve seen would require us changing the fundamental principles of our mature and successful operation. The fact that Blackboxx makes us ‘future-proof’ and delivers totally mobile commerce was also instrumental in our choice.”

Hester Creek Estate Winery on the South Okanagan’s Golden Mile Bench is a large, long-established winery property that hosts visitors in Mediterranean-styled accommodation.

Wine Export Initiative of Singapore is an online retailer representing over 36 Australian wineries. The company enables DTC sales into various Asian countries by drawing on Blackboxx’s unique multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional capabilities.

Industry background:

The wine industry lags in both ecommerce innovation and cloud computing adoption, but the compelling benefits of these are motivating wineries to move to SaaS. Meanwhile, traditional vendors have not accommodated this shift in technology and business practices, opening up a large market opportunity for BlackSquare.

Wineries traditionally pay high capital costs for basic ecommerce with significant ongoing expenses and complex usage, and rarely with recurring revenue capability. This approach has doomed wine ecommerce because it fails to generate a significant return on investment.

With cloud computing and SaaS-based ecommerce such as Blackboxx, upfront costs are modest, ongoing costs are low, and fees are incurred in lockstep with ecommerce success, thus aligning interests of enterprise and supplier.

Profitable, recurring ecommerce is not simply a website or an ecommerce cart; it’s a whole new line of business. Blackboxx was developed to deliver low-stress, “in the box” ecommerce from marketing to fulfillment and shipping to logistics, with back-end business analytics on every sale and customer interaction.

About BlackSquare Inc.

Since 2010, Canadian-based BlackSquare has been powering the ecommerce revolution for the global wine and spirits industry, and serves clients on four continents from offices in Canada and Australia. BlackSquare combines deep wine industry expertise with advanced cloud-computing technology to produce Blackboxx, the most powerful recurring-purchase commerce platform available, designed for global wineries, wine clubs and distributors.

BlackSquare also created (Canada’s largest monthly wine club) and (Canada’s first flash-sale website, providing exceptional wines to discerning members), the most innovative ways to buy wine online in Canada.

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Brown Brothers, Australia –
Hester Creek Estate Winery, Okanagan, BC Canada –
McWilliam’s Wines Group, Australia –
Vineland Estates Winery, Ontario, Canada –
Wine Communicators of Australia –
Wine Export Initiative, Singapore –

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