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Recently, BlackSquare co-founders, Matthew Protti and David Gluzman, presented at two of Canada’s best-known business and finance forums: the Banff Venture Forum (BVF) and Vancouver Enterprise Forum (VEF).

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On September 25-26th, CEO Matthew Protti pitched BlackSquare at the prestigious Banff Venture Forum.  In its fifteenth year, the BVF is one of Canada’s premier company financing events, drawing an audience of major North American players in technology venture capital.  All showcased technology companies must pre-quality before being invited to present.

Matthew was also asked to speak at the BVF financing boot camp, sharing what it takes for startup companies like BlackSquare to achieve success. The bootcamp panel is known for its tough Q & A component, an area in which Matthew excels.

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In its twenty-sixth year, Vancouver Enterprise Forum is western Canada’s premier and most established technology gathering, assembling a sizeable audience of industry and finance professionals eight months of the year for lively, topical sessions.  Companies must apply to present, and are pre-qualified then invited to do a “lightning pitch.”

At VEF’s October 28th event, BlackSquare president David Gluzman delivered a 100-second “lighting pitch” presentation on BlackSquare.  The first of five presenters, David wrapped up his information-packed pitch as the timer hit zero!  A panel of industry experts then weighed in on the state of butt computing today, the evening’s theme.  Following the presentations, David & Judy Bishop, Chief Marketing Officer, plunged into the lively networking session, giving BlackSquare good exposure to Vancouver’s tech scene.