Most customers shop by price. Why? It’s all we talk about! We’re inundated with offers and discounts at every turn and this has caused a large problem. The more we reference price the more customers only think about price, that’s all they hear and see. Price, price, price!

There are two strategies to sell wine online, to move a large volume of product at little margin or move small amounts of product at high margin. If you’re looking solely at the volume play don’t bother doing it yourself, there are lots of great partners that will do that for you today. Focus on high margin direct to consumer sales.

Don’t hide your prices, just don’t make it the main focus. The best way to shift attention away from price is to highlight exclusivity. Example:

“This 2012 Chardonnay just received 96 points, buy some today as it’s in very limited supply and only available through our cellar door.”

First access to a new release, or access to a museum release are great ways to add tangible value. If you really want to set things on fire, offer free/cheap freight on orders over a case. People dislike paying for freight, so reduce the purchase friction and make that your discount offer.

Engaging your customers with exclusive offers develops a loyal following that are driven to buy directly from you for years to come. Shift your focus from immediate revenue generation to the long term lifetime value of your customers.