People come to your website for one main reason: Information.

Information drives everything on the internet. Check your website analytics and you’ll notice that most of your visitors come from a search engine. People are looking for the information on the following: brand, cellar door, location, hours of operation, wine, purchase options, wine club, and pricing. How easy is it for your customers to find that information? Can they read it on a phone? Is your website search engine friendly?

A few top tips to enhance your website:

  1. Place your contact information on every page of your website.
  2. Make sure information is displayed in clear text – not in PDFs or Images.
  3. Check your website analytics, how are people coming to your site, and what are they doing there?
  4. Don’t hide pricing. Highlight your shipping prices & policies.
  5. Your website NEEDS to work on mobile devices. This is no longer optional because it impacts your search engine ranking.
  6. Showcase social proof such as awards and testimonials.
  7. Get others to link to your website (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). More links pointing to your website equates to a higher search engine ranking.
  8. Be active on your website. Showcase news or recent events.
  9. Ensure your site is transacting over SSL/HTTPS. (Safe and secure)
  10. Use technology and hosting options that are fast; users don’t have patience, and neither do search engines.

In conclusion, be awesome at educating your customers online. You are the expert about your products. You need to be the main source for information regarding your brand.