I’m a twenty four year old overly critical, lack-of-patience millennial and I’m going to hit you in the face with something really quick: millennials don’t want to be told about your brand, we want to be shown.

So, let me tell you what I know…

Instagram has changed how we interact. It has adjusted our priorities when it comes to communicating. We care way too much about visual satisfaction and immediate gratification. Unless it looks cool we don’t really care about it. We also care a lot about creeping what other people are posting. This means that you need to be mindful of the chatter around your brand on Instagram, and find ways to encourage the kind of posts you want people to be looking at.

We don’t trust your brand, we trust other people’s opinions of your brand

This may be what you’re showing (example):


But, this is what I’m looking at:


(Go into the Instagram search tab and type the name of your winery or region. Then, select “tags” and you will see the pictures people have posted.)

Personally, I would rather browse the hashtags search than the brand page. Why is that? I want to see your brand in raw form. How does it make people feel? What is it doing for others that it might do for me too? We want transparency. It’s important that you know exactly who you are as a brand and you project those images. I don’t want to see something fake, overly polished, or posed. I want to see something that I can relate to.


The photo above goes to show the quality of posts you can find amongst your consumers. I wish I was in this photo with them, drinking a glass of Veuve. Brands should take advantage of this! They should encourage conversations around their product on Instagram and incentivize customers to share the raw experiences they had with them. Create a photo contest where those that tag your winery in a post, or use a specific hashtag will get something out of it. You can then re-post these photos to your brand’s Instagram, which will make us millennials feel like a big deal and we’ll get more excited about you.

Not every photo you post needs to come from your customers, but you should be integrating these experiences on a regular basis. It all starts at your cellar door. Get creative and brainstorm how you can inspire your audience to project the authenticity of your brand through their posts. The power of having us on your side is undeniable. Show us things that we find appealing, and show us that you appreciate us talking about your brand.