You may be producing and selling incredible wines, but what else does your wine club have to offer?

It’s important to understand the value of recurring wine club members. These are people who commit to purchasing your wine on a pre-set schedule, which supplies you with recurring revenue. Showing your appreciation for their dedication to your wine will make them more likely to continue their support.

Here are some ways to express your appreciation:

  • First release access: When you’re about to release a new vintage, contact your loyal members and give them the chance to purchase (at club price) before releasing it to the general public.
  • VIP access: Have reserved parking outside your cellar door for club members and send a well-branded parking pass with their first shipment. Your members should also get guaranteed seating when visiting your tasting room.
  • Send them exclusive members only wines: You should have these on display in your tasting room labelled “members only” in order to incentivize people to sign up to your club.

People enjoy being a part of events and promotions that leave them feeling good long after the experience has ended. You have all the tools to make that happen.

For more ideas on what you can do for your most loyal audience, or to schedule a demo please contact us.