Sonoma, California: BlackSquare Inc. announces an exciting opportunity for U.S. wineries wanting to ship wine direct to consumers (DTC) around the world. The announcement was shared to a standing room only audience at the Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium last week in Concord, California.

“International DTC represents a giant leap forward for direct sales. Unlocking even just one new country, such as Canada, can mean upwards of a 20% growth for U.S. wineries by selling to those who previously it was too costly to sell to. We’re very excited to enable U.S. wineries to reach their fans across the world.” says David Gluzman, President and Co-Founder of BlackSquare Inc.

International Direct to Consumer is now available for U.S. wineries interested in shipping to Canada, China, and Australia with other countries becoming available in later 2017.

With partners around the world and working completely within the traditional three tier system, BlackSquare is enabling the sale of goods in local currencies and with local shipping options. This is exciting news for both producers and consumers who will no longer need to deal with paperwork for duties, taxes and laws when attempting to ship internationally. The opportunity for wineries to embrace tourists in the same way as local domestic consumer will change the face of DTC sales globally.

BlackSquare Inc. is a global provider of direct to consumer (DTC) wine and beer business solutions. Founded in 2010, BlackSquare specializes in offering a wide-array of DTC strategies from enhancing foot-traffic sales, ecommerce, global direct to consumer sales to launching a social media campaign, and everything in-between. The co-founders of BlackSquare, Matthew Protti and David Gluzman, are also the co-founders of the WineCollective Group, the largest independent online alcoholic ecommerce player in Canada and which comprises the, and Highfield brands.

Monique Blough
Global Program Director
BlackSquare Inc.