It’s a wide, wide world

Remember that time when you saw that one umbrella online, and then you kept seeing it again, and again (and again), until you finally bought it, because it was obviously meant to be?

That was actually retargeting, an online marketing strategy.

We get it, the tools and strategies in the marketing space seem endless, in the digital marketing space even more so.

What demographic are you marketing to?
How do they interact with the digital space?
How do they respond to different marketing strategies?
If they eat toast for breakfast, should I market to them differently?

The last one might be a little far-fetched, but in short, it can be overwhelming. Our recommendation is to scale it back, focus. First, take a broad look at some of your options. Then, choose a select few strategies to try. Give those tools time to work, and then asses and reposition as necessary. Don’t go too big.

Retargeting: the umbrella model
Back to the purchase of that umbrella: retargeting.

This strategy involves adding a snippet of code to your website, which you can find as long as you have a Google AdWords account. Currently, there’s no additional cost to use this feature.

As soon as this code has been added, the following process will begin to occur as users access your site:

1. User arrives at your site
2. User’s browser receives a cookie from your site
3. User leaves
4. User sees ads for your brand on the internet
5. User is re-engaged, returns to your site and buys wine

This is an example of a marketing tool that’s simple to add to your site, cost effective, requires little-to-no effort from your team, but is sure to help profits. The perfect type of tool.

But wait, it gets better
What’s the one thing that most of us do pretty much everyday without fail? We check our social media, of course (we want to know what type of umbrella everyone else has).

Google AdWords Retargeting code is meant to engage users as they browse the internet: first generation retargeting.

Second generation retargeting: the Facebook pixel.

Following essentially the same process outlined above, this snippet of code will mean that your products reach customers right in their Facebook feed, where they are every day.

What’s next?
Whether you’re selling umbrellas or wine, making an online purchase is a commitment. Some customers aren’t ready to make that commitment right away, they need some time to warm up to the idea.

In our experience, retargeting can help. And we can help you retarget. In the end, it’s not coincidence or clever marketing, it’s strategic marketing.

Reach out today and learn more.