Wine 411 will meet the need for a comprehensive directory of Canada’s wineries. The online directory will act as an important resource to link Canadian wineries with wine buyers, sellers and consumers, and will help inform regional wine tourism. Coming in 2015!

Canada currently lacks a national winery directory, something available in most wine-producing countries. Such a directory provides an important resource to link Canadian vineyards and consumers, as well as wine buyers and sellers.

Both the Canadian Vintners Association (CVA) and BlackSquare Inc. recognized the need for this important resource and are now working together to develop a new, up-to-date, free online directory – Wine 411 – that will deliver annually-refreshed information on the more than 700 grape and non-grape wineries operating across Canada.

When completed in 2015, the directory will serve up an inclusive, user-friendly resource for wineries, travellers and anyone interested in Canadian wineries and wine regions. Though the information will be in an online format, the directory’s design will be fully ‘print friendly’ allowing users the option of printing all or part of the directory in hard-copy. We know this resource will raise the public profile of our vibrant wine industry, and will surely help stimulate winery tourism across Canada.

Key information in the winery listings will include name and contact information, as well as details on production volume, recent wine awards, tour and wine club details and much more.

CVA and BlackSquare are taking all possible steps to ensure that Wine 411 is as complete and comprehensive a national resource as possible. There is no cost for Canadian wineries to participate. If you are potentially interested in placing an ad in the directory to highlight or promote your business or wine-related product, please get details from us at

Thank you in advance for your interest and support to the Canadian wine industry.