Brand loyalty knows no borders

Sell direct to consumer around the world


Historically there are two types of customers that frustrate direct sales: customers on bikes, and non-domestic travellers. They can’t buy much because they either can’t carry it, or can’t travel with it on the plane.

Remove the barrier to selling direct by providing a solution in their home country.

Embrace your international customers, and grow your relationship long after they have visited.

Modern Execution

Global Direct to Consumer complements existing sales channels such as retail and restaurants.

Look at how other markets have adjusted to selling direct across the planet, wine & beer can do the same.

Challenging, yet possible. We have the solutions.


Different countries have different rules and regulations. What are the limitations, what are the rules, how can you work with them? We have the answers.

We have worked with organizations across the world and can help navigate the complexities.


BlackSquare has worked with hundreds of companies across the world since 2010. We have fostered powerful parterships with providers across the globe.

We can directly help you with shipping, importing, logistics, retailing, wholeselling, distribution, and packaging.

unlock a global market and reach more customers

Global solutions tailored to local markets

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