About BlackSquare:

BlackSquare Inc. is a expert, global provider of direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine and beer business solutions. Founded in 2010, BlackSquare specializes in offering a wide-array of DTC strategies from enhancing foot-traffic sales to launching a social media campaign, and everything in-between. The co-founders of BlackSquare, Matthew Protti and David Gluzman, are also the co-founders of WineCollective, the largest growing monthly wine club in Canada as well as a slew of other wine and spirits based businesses and products including Tannic, Canada Craft Club, Highfield and Global Wine Database. BlackSquare employs a passionate group of forward-thinkers in both their head offices in Canada and Australia and has a world-wide client base spread over 4 continents. The BlackSquare team are industry leaders in both the wine and spirits and technology sectors and have presented at many industry-recognized global conferences.

Media Contact:

For media enquiries or to set up an interview please contact our Media Relations team:

Email: media@blacksquare.ca

Phone:+1 403 648 9094

(to contact our international offices, please see our Contact Page)


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David and Matthew
David Gluzman (President) & Matthew Protti (CEO)
Around the BlackSquare Office
Around the BlackSquare Office
Around the BlackSquare boardroom
Around the BlackSquare boardroom